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Acid-resistant refractory brick

Acid-resistant refractory brick

Bricks play a very important role in civil construction and have different types. Anti-acid brick is resistant to acidic materials and all kinds of acids, that’s why it is used in areas close to acid. In this article, we discuss the topic of acid-resistant refractory bricks. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran Company. Call.

Acid-resistant refractory bricks

Anti-acid bricks are a special form of masonry bricks that are chemically resistant and thermally durable.

These bricks are used for masonry and floors that are subject to chemical attack, such as chemical plant towers.

Acid-resistant refractory bricks are used in industrial places such as factories and workshops, including chemical plants, dairies, plating tanks, etc., due to their acid resistance.

Acid-resistant firebrick is structurally different from other bricks.

The raw materials for making this brick include minerals and refractory mineral pumice.

The molecular structure of this type of brick is regular and resistant and does not disintegrate at high temperatures.

It also maintains its physical and chemical properties at high temperatures and its heat tolerance is high.

Characteristics of acid-resistant bricks

There are different types of anti-acid bricks.

The most used is red shale.

Title Description
Properties High compressive strength
Use Construction of ovens and furnaces
components Alumina and silica clay
resist More than 2000 degrees Celsius

Others include clay, silica brick, and carbon brick.

Anti-acid brick, like decorative brick and ten-hole brick, is one of the types of bricks.

This type of brick is a material resistant to corrosive substances and acid, which uses quartz, feldspar and clay as the main raw materials and fires at high temperature.

This brick has many properties such as high acid resistance, high density, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance and easy oxidation at room temperature, and it is not easily contaminated.

Acid-resistant brick can resist most acids such as hot chlorine salt, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid except hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid.

It can also withstand alkali with different density at room temperature. Acid-resistant firebrick is the latest type of brick that is used in today’s buildings due to its high advantages.

This brick is a heat insulator that, in addition to preventing energy loss, is also highly resistant to heat.

Firebrick does not lose its physical and chemical properties at high temperatures, that’s why it is used to cover the inner wall of the fireplace.

Long life, durability and strength, beauty and color stability are the special features of this brick, which makes it the best option for architects and builders.

This type of brick is resistant to erosion, scratches, heat, sunlight, humidity and weather changes.

Due to the use of mineral materials in its construction, it is considered a unique brick for construction purposes.

The price of this brick is higher than other bricks.

These bricks are used for the facade of the building and are very resistant to heat, temperature changes and fire and have extremely high strength.

These bricks have different colors based on the type of soil in which they are used.

The most common colors are Semirmi red, chamotte, gray, rustic, white and black brown.

Clay is mainly used to make firebricks.

This clay can withstand high temperatures without significant changes in structural properties such as melting or softening.

Basic bricks

Fire bricks are mainly of three types:

1- Acid refractories, which include ordinary refractory bricks, silicon bricks and gangster bricks.

2- Basic refractories which include magnesite brick, dolomite brick and bauxite brick.

3-Neutral refractories, which include chromite brick, carborundum, magnesite chrome brick, pillar brick and forest brick.

In the type of acid refractories, ordinary firebricks are made of natural clay with a mixture of crushed clay and sand.

It contains 50-75% silica and 20-40% alumina and is used as a good quality acid refractory lining for furnaces. which can withstand up to 1600 degrees Celsius.

In all types of refractory bricks, silica brick contains 95% silica and is made of sandstone or quartzite with the addition of 2 to 3% lime as glue and flux.

It is used for acid coating of furnaces for the production of glass and walls and arches of steel furnaces.

It is suitable for open base furnaces and copper smelting and has a resistance of up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

Ganster bricks are also made from different types of stone.

This stone contains 85% silica and 10% clay with the addition of 2% lime.

It is also very hard and compact and can withstand temperatures above 2100 degrees Celsius.

Engineering bricks

Engineered bricks are specially formulated to exhibit high compressive strength and low porosity.

They are often used in structures where the overall strength of the material as well as its resistance to water and freezing are important features.

Due to its unique properties, engineering bricks are used in construction projects that require resistance and in cases where the appearance of the work is not considered.

For example, in tunnel projects or for underground applications that require anti-humidity materials such as sewage, these types of bricks.

Clay and lime are the raw materials of all bricks, but in making clay, lime was mixed with straw and clay was made from straw mortar in wooden molds by hand.

Clay and lime are the raw materials of all bricks, but in making clay, lime was mixed with straw and clay was made from straw mortar in wooden molds by hand.

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