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Industrial flooring options

Industrial flooring options

In this article, we discuss the options of industrial flooring. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran company.

Industrial flooring options

Whether you own or manage a manufacturing warehouse, brewery, food facility, fire station, furniture store, retail store, veterinary practice, or even a lumber yard, you want hardwood floors that will outlast daily wear and tear. .

Epoxy floors

Epoxy floors, also known as epoxy coatings, are usually more expensive than veneers, but they are seamless and highly wear-resistant. Epoxy coatings are ideal for projects that require durability, longevity and chemical resistance. They require minimal maintenance, which makes them popular flooring applications for showrooms, retail centers, schools and food preparation areas.

Specializing in epoxy flooring, such as: epoxy chip floors, metal epoxy floors, flat epoxies, and sandblasts. Our epoxy toppings are generally “microtoppings” or fat-free toppings that are flexible and ultra-thin, typically up to 1/8″ around the edge. . We have completed projects ranging from 800 square feet to 10,000 square feet, from a large tool manufacturing facility that chose flat gray epoxy flooring to a fire station that requested an epoxy chip system.

If you want to cover or hide concrete imperfections such as cracks and minor peeling, we usually recommend epoxy floors. We choose thinner epoxy systems so the coating can flex as it moves with the concrete.

Concrete grinding and sealing

Grinding concrete is a more cost-effective option than removing and replacing concrete, and in addition, it gives you a smooth surface, eliminates the risk of cracking, removes concrete coatings, and prepares the surface for other systems. Prepares flooring.

We have state-of-the-art concrete grinding and polishing machines and have used them to grind thousands of square feet for customers who simply wanted a smooth, sealed surface for storage and transport boxes for customers who wanted to eliminate travel. Dangers to pedestrian traffic safety If you are satisfied with the appearance of your existing concrete, it is better to choose concrete grinding and sealing.

Grind the concrete, then seal it!

Additionally, once you’ve chosen to grind and seal the concrete, you’ll then choose a sealer. We recommend acrylic sealers for most projects, but you can also choose a penetrating sealer that reacts chemically with the concrete or a thicker epoxy-type coating. Acrylic sealants are applied to both internal and external surfaces to form a thin, protective layer that protects against water and chloride penetration and also allows moisture in the slab to escape. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays and do not turn yellow. They also come in glossy varieties and can enhance natural floors.

Finally, keep in mind that acrylic sealer is a fast option, meaning it usually dries to the touch within an hour. You will also have to reapply more often because it is much thinner than epoxy and urethane coatings. You’ll also want to protect the floor with several layers of foam or wax to prevent wear.

Polished concrete floors

If you want a wax-free, uncoated floor with a satin or high gloss finish, polished concrete is ideal. This flooring option has durability and high performance. Almost all structurally sound concrete floors, both new and old, can be polished, with a few exceptions. As long as the concrete has been in place for 28 days or more and is not wavy, highly porous, or in need of patching, polished concrete can be a good option for your industrial flooring needs. If you are pouring new concrete, it is best to smooth the floor as much as possible to minimize the polishing steps required.

Then when we polish the floor, we use a traditional floor polishing system, using different diamond heads with high performance grinding machines to smooth the surface to the shine you want, with the most traditional 800 stone. During this process, we apply a penetrating hardener to the concrete, which makes the polished concrete solid and dense.

The advantages of polished concrete floors over coating make polished concrete the superior choice in most cases:

  • Lower maintenance costs: It’s more cost-effective to use pre-existing slabs on grade and you’ll save less on maintenance.
  • Less maintenance and service life: Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and do not require the hours and time required to reapply wax or coatings. Their glossy surface resists heavy forklift traffic and chemical and oil stains.
  • Greater resistance to heavy traffic
  • Resistance to moisture transfer problems: Polished concrete allows the floor to breathe and eliminates the problems associated with other types of flooring such as tiles.
  • High light reflection: Polished concrete creates a brighter space and saves on lighting costs. It also presents a bright, clean and professional image, which is why grocery stores, retail centers, public centers and office buildings choose to install polished concrete.
  • Alternative to sustainable flooring: Polished concrete does not require hazardous cleaners, coatings or adhesives.

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With more than two decades in the field of production of chemical products for the construction industry, Abadgaran Chemical Company, in addition to producing more than a hundred types of construction chemical products, has a history of cooperation in implementation and consulting in large national, personal and corporate projects. Shimi Abadgaran Company has a large share in construction chemical products and has more than fifty production forces and laboratories. These are only a part of the extensive cooperation of chemical growers during these years. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, rebar planting adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete repairer, epoxy and antifreeze grout and polymer mortars, anti-acid mortar, super lubricant and concrete repairer. , epoxy grout, anti-acid mortar, etc. You can contact Shimi Abadgaran company.

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