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Lubricating effect on concrete

Lubricating effect on concrete

In this article, we discuss the effect of lubricant on concrete. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran Company. Call.

Lubricating effect on concrete

Due to the wide effects of this additive in the use of concrete, the emergence of concrete lubricants has largely been declared as the third revolution in concrete technology. Water consumption is reduced by adding concrete lubricant. In addition, the lubricant increases the texture and toughness of concrete and because of its existence, it has become an important part of cement consumption. In this review, we talk about the idea and benefits of concrete lubricants.

Definition of concrete lubricant

Lubricants are substances that are added to concrete to improve the fluidity or workability of the cement paste. They can also be used to improve the performance characteristics of new or initial concrete consistency. Because they produce concrete with the same performance at a lower water-cement ratio, lubricants are also known as water reducers. As a result, lubricants help produce concrete mixes with constant water content and excellent durability.

When used with concrete, lubricants have many advantages and can greatly reduce water consumption. In addition, they reduce the air content of the cement, which strengthens and protects the structure better. It is important to note that superlubricants can reduce water usage by 30% or more compared to standard lubricants, which can only reduce water usage by 15%.

Concrete lubricants have different uses, the main of which is the construction of concrete structures. Concrete lubricant is also readily available for purchase online at several places, especially if you buy in large quantities. What you use the lubricant for will determine how much you use.

Lubricating effect on concrete

Since lubricants contain polymer molecules, they have the ability to plasticize. These molecules form an ionic group when combined with concrete because they are adsorbed on the surfaces of the cement grains. As a result, cement particles gradually gain a negative charge. Mutual repulsion is caused by negatively charged cement particles. The breakdown of the bond between the constituent particles of cement and water as a result of this repulsion causes the production of trapped air.

These cement particles are surrounded by a sheath of water molecules, which, in addition to producing repulsion, prevents cement grains from contacting each other. Spatial barriers are the name given to this phenomenon. This result gives the concrete paste the most fluidity and fluidity.

Classification of concrete lubricants

The classification of lubricants is determined based on the principle of work:

Hydrophilic lubricants

Increasing wettability is one of the characteristics of hydrophilic lubricants, which are mainly used to improve the plastic (pasty) properties and fluidity of concrete.

Hydrophobic lubricants (hydrophobic).

These lubricants add a lot of air to the concrete mix and saturate it. As a result, it is possible to improve the plastic properties of concrete and reduce the elasticity of moisture in the solution.

Advantages of concrete lubricant

The main advantages of using lubricants are as follows:

  • Increases the performance of concrete without adding more water.
  • It increases the strength of concrete without adding more cement.
  • In addition, it adds 25% to the resistant properties of the finished concrete foundation.
  • Lubricants make concrete compaction easier without the need for vibration.
  • It provides increased flowability and strong adhesion to the surface.
  • Lubricants can be used with high density concrete.
  • Lubricants reduce the moisture content of concrete.
  • They prevent the concrete from freezing and prevent it from cracking.
  • Lubricants have an effect on the setting speed of concrete mixtures (in such a situation, in addition to lubricants, we also add accelerators).

Effect of lubricant on concrete performance

You may have noticed that using regular concrete without a lubricant results in the concrete becoming hard and unworkable. As a result, concrete placement becomes challenging because the concrete does not flow smoothly between the rebars. In this example, senior project managers prefer to use a lubricant to make the concrete more fluid.

In addition to improving uniformity, using a lubricant with cement allows you to place the concrete in different shapes and patterns. Thanks to this vital feature, you can change the ratio of water to cement. For this reason, many construction companies use lubricants to make concrete more flexible.

The effect of lubricants in improving the construction process

Lubricant is great for moving your construction supplies and concrete solution over long distances without worrying about the mixture drying out as it prolongs the setting time of the concrete. In addition, the lubricant keeps concrete resistant to corrosion and extends the life of structures such as buildings and highways.

Use of lubricant in concreting

When creating a foundation for a construction project, it is preferable to use a concrete lubricant in addition to the concrete of your choice. The compressibility and porosity of concrete can be improved by using a concrete lubricant such as sodium lignosulfonate. The strength and impermeability of your concrete foundations is strengthened by it. In addition to concrete, various types of lubricants can be used with sand, gravel and various mixtures of materials.

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