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Lubrication strategies for the cement industry

Lubrication strategies for the cement industry

In this article, we discuss lubrication strategies for the cement industry. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran Company. Call.

Lubrication strategies for the cement industry

Lubrication in the cement industry presents unique challenges. The important issue is not the type of equipment, but the environment in which the machines work, which can vary from season to season depending on the location of the factory.

This factor must be carefully considered when selecting and using lubricants, as oils and greases that work well in nearly identical equipment may not be effective in the conditions that the industry most inevitably faces. .

Transportation of raw materials

Usually, a cement factory is located opposite or very close to a mine. Raw materials must be transported from the mine to the cement plant and finally to large storage hoppers. The method of transportation is generally through a conveyor belt, the most common type of which is a conveyor belt.

Even if the raw material enters the cement plant from a distant source, there will still be multiple conveyor belts throughout the plant.

These conveyors are usually driven by electric motors, some of which are large due to the power required to pull the belt. Larger types have grease nipples that require infrequent greasing. There will be oil bearings at both the drive end and the non-drive end, as well as on the tension rollers in between.

Many different types of grease are used successfully in these applications. The specific grease used is not as important as the frequency of greasing, which can help prevent dust from entering the races and preventing rapid wear rates. Since conveyors are often outside and open to all weather conditions, it is not uncommon to choose a water-resistant grease to prevent water ingress.

Lubrication frequency

In these applications, due to the distances between the bearings and the height they are above the ground, lubrication is rarely adequate. Labor shortage can add to this problem.

The use of lubrication systems where a central reservoir feeds multiple points through piping. However, the pipeline can generally be very long and requires a number of such devices.

Another alternative is a single-point grease lubricator that attaches directly to each bearing. These lubricants can be adjusted to remove the grease in a variable amount of time according to the application and size of the bearing.

They can also significantly reduce the amount of work required to lubricate the bearings separately and also help reduce the ingress of contaminants by applying constant pressure to the bearing.

Of course, the total cost of using these types of lubricants throughout the plant must be weighed against the amount of labor. Additionally, keep in mind that these systems should be inspected on a regular schedule to ensure they are working properly. No automatic lubrication system should be implemented with a “set it and forget it” approach.

Lubricating gearboxes

Conveyors are usually driven by various types of reduction gearboxes, including worm gearboxes, to allow the electric motor to stay close to the conveyor and not protrude too far. In this case, a simple oil with good viscosity can be used. The lubricant does not necessarily need to have strong pressure properties.

Gearboxes and bearings are also found in many crushers in the mine feed sector. These pieces must deal with problems like the conveyor belt in terms of dust. Centralized greasing systems are usually used here, as the bearings are close together, ensuring that the pipes are not too long and the grease reservoir can fit easily inside.

These gearboxes are generally large and have a significant oil capacity. Gear teeth often experience a lot of impact, so high-pressure gear oil is often used for this reason.

Open Gears

There are different types of open gears associated with cement plants, along with different lubricants and methods of application. The main requirement for these open gears is that the lubricant can adhere to the entire rotation of the drive gear to provide the necessary protection.

This need for lubrication occurs when the drive pinion is mated. Therefore, the best lubricants for these applications are sprayed on the teeth just before the pinion and driven gear. The spray pattern is very important for adequate coverage of the mating teeth.

Typically, the lubricant is sprayed directly from the barrel due to the quantity required. The lubricant may also require a special degree of heat resistance and should not melt.

Rotary kilns

Rotary kilns present their own lubrication challenges for bearings and gearboxes due to slow rotation, high loads and process heat transfer. It is common for transmission oil to be used in circulation systems that use heat transfer and filtration systems. The oil is often synthetic, but is not always necessary if the flow rate is sufficient and the heat transfer system is efficient.

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