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How to do rebar planting well?

How to do rebar planting well?

In this article, we discuss the topic of how to do rebar planting well. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran Company. Call.

How to do rebar planting well?

Drilling and clearing holes: the holes Drill holes according to the anchor depth required by the Atlas and ensure that the distance between the steel bars on each side is greater than 2 mm. Clean the hole with an air pump, the hole is clean and free of dust.

The amount of adhesive to implant the reinforcement should ensure that the hole is full, and the reinforcement should be screwed gently to create a small colloid overflow in the hole.

According to the rebar glue instructions, do not touch the rebar during the glue process.

After finishing the reinforcement of the planting rod, the pull-out test is performed under the supervision of the supervisor. Masonry can be done only after qualifying.

1. Positioning

You mark the location and model of drilling holes according to the design description. If there are prestressed steel bars on the base material, the drilling location can be adjusted appropriately, but all of them should be planted inside the distribution bars of the shear wall. Drill non-slip holes and use a chisel to make small holes at the marked points of the planting ribs to prevent the drill bit from sliding and moving while drilling.

2. Drilling

The type of drilling is percussive drilling. The borehole should usually be perpendicular to the plane of the concrete member and the slope should not exceed 8 degrees (except for those that are very close to the floor without operating space or special requirements) and the drilling depth is 15d (d is the diameter of the steel bar). The progress of drilling should not be too fast to prevent the effect of the heat of the drilling head on the concrete strength of the drilling space. During drilling, if the reinforcement or the main stirrup in the main structure needs to be moved and avoided, the design must be monitored and approved before moving.

3. Clean the hole

Remove the dust inside the hole. During the drilling process, ash accumulates in the hole, especially when the hole is drilled downward, the ash is not easily removed. The soil must be removed regularly, otherwise the drill will burn and the drill will burn. It uses a blower to clean the holes at high pressure. After the drilling is finished, check the depth of the hole and the diameter of the hole is qualified, remove the dust with compressed air, then brush the hole wall and blow the hole with compressed air again. Repeat this activity 3-5 times until there is no dust in the hole. The chips reach the hole wall without dust, oil and organic impurities before filling with glue.

4. Rebar treatment

5. Preparation of anchor glue

There are two types of rebar planting glue in the barrel, which consists of two components, A and B. The glue must be stirred mechanically. The mixer can consist of an electric hammer and stirring teeth. Agitator teeth can be welded with the end of an electric hammer drill. The font is made of Φ14 steel bars. A small amount can be stirred manually with thin steel rods. Take a clean container (plastic or metal basin, without oil, water, impurity) and scale to mix according to the mixing ratio and stir with a stirrer for about 10 minutes until components A and B are evenly mixed. It is better to stir in the same direction while stirring and try to avoid air mixing to form bubbles. Glue should be prepared and used now, and the amount of glue should not exceed 5 kg each time.

6. Planting steel bars

After preparing the reinforcing glue according to the design requirements, the glue is fed manually and feeds 2/3 of the depth of the hole. After preparing the reinforcing glue according to the design requirements, the glue is fed manually and feeds 2/3 of the depth of the hole. Manual insertion method: Insert the steel rod into the hole, because the structural adhesive has a certain concentration, it generally cannot be inserted all the way. Use repeated pulling, inserting, or rotating techniques until the steel rods are inserted into the eyes (note that sometimes there is kickback to avoid after insertion all the way). The central position of the reinforcing steel: Since the diameter of the drilled hole is larger than the diameter of the implanted reinforcing steel, the implanted reinforcing steel may not be centered. Use stones to support the position of the hole, and then use hard glue to seal the hole, which will act as a fixture and prevent sticking in the hole. Out of the hole.

7. Treatment and protection

Curing time refers to the hardening time of the structural adhesive, but the strength of the adhesive only reaches 40-60% of the design strength. When the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, it takes about 48 hours to reach the design strength. Therefore, structural adhesive is generally required to anchor steel bars. After construction is completed, it usually takes 48 hours to apply force based on ambient temperature. Before the structural adhesive solidifies, the anchor rods must be protected and the anchor rods must not swing or collide, and special personnel must be dispatched to protect them on site.

8. Quality inspection

To determine the depth of the rebar planted, measure the length of the exposed rebar in the borehole (exactly recorded in situ). Measure whether the position, model and diameter of the implanted rod is wrong (make a record). Carry out the drawing test and the supervising engineer will evaluate and confirm the test result. The permissible deviation of the depth of the planting rod is 20+ mm and the vertical deviation is 5 degrees.

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