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Polycarboxylate ether

Polycarboxylate ether
In this article, we discuss the topic of polycarboxylate ether. To buy and know the price of super lubricant, tile adhesive, anti-acid mortar, rebar planting adhesive, concrete restorer, epoxy and antifreeze grout, etc., you can contact Shimi Abadgaran company.

Polycarboxylate ether

The present invention relates to polycarboxylate ethers and their preparation and use as dispersants for inorganic pigment suspensions, softeners and superlubricants for hydraulic systems of cement, concrete, mortar, gypsum suspensions and anhydrous calcium sulfate binder formulations. , for ceramic materials, ceramic materials and ceramic materials. Feldspars and quartz minerals and for the preparation of white and colored inorganic pigments in the paint and coating industry and the leather industry and as sediment inhibitors, dispersants and separators in the detergent and cleaning and water purification industries.

Solid suspensions

Solid suspensions usually contain dispersants or softeners for fluidization and dispersion of mineral solids. These solids may be cement, gypsum, calcium sulfate hemihydrate, fly ash, kaolin in the construction industry, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, talc, barium sulfate, zinc sulfite, bismuth vanadate, iron oxide pigments, chromium dioxide pigments and Other cobalt pigments, inorganic color pigments in the paint and coating industry. Dispersants with sodium carbonate and/or water glass are also added to ceramic materials including clay, kaolin, feldspar, and quartz minerals to provide processability and press the green compact into a plaster mold.

Low molecular weight polymers

Low molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid or copolymers of acrylic acid and maleic acid and their sodium, potassium or ammonium salts are commonly used to disperse kaolin, titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate.

building industry

In the construction industry, superplasticizers are usually used to plasticize concrete to produce floor coverings, precast concrete, ready-mixed concrete, and lightweight concrete.

Sodium lignin sulfonate is a common superplasticizer for cement

Sodium lignin sulfonate is a common superlubricant for cement in hydraulically set building material compositions and for calcium sulfate hemihydrate in renders, masonry mortar materials, gypsum gums, and for anhydrite layers.

Diffusing material

DE-A-1238831 describes a dispersant prepared by condensation of naphthalene sulfonic acid derivatives and formaldehyde for cement.

Super lubricant for concrete

DE-A-1671017 describes the use of melamine resins containing sulfo groups as superlubricants for concrete.

Hydraulic mortars

DE-A-2948698 describes hydraulic mortars containing superlubricants based on melamine-formaldehyde condensates and/or formaldehyde-naphthalene sulfonate condensates and/or lignin sulfonate and as binders, Portland cement, Portland cement, clay , clay, marl-soft. They hit the clinker together.

Additives for mineral binders and building materials

DE-A-3530258 describes the use of water-soluble sodium naphthalene sulfonate-formaldehyde condensates as additives for mineral binders and building materials. These additives are described to improve the flowability of adhesives, such as cement, anhydrite or gypsum, and building materials produced with them.

Anionic dispersants

In addition to anionic dispersants that contain mainly carboxyl and sulfo groups, weakly anionic shoulder polymers that typically carry anionic charges on the main chain and contain nonionic polyalkylene glycol side chains have been described.

Weak anionic dispersants and milling aids

WO-01/96007 describes these weak anionic dispersants and milling aids for aqueous mineral suspensions prepared by free radical polymerization of monomers containing vinyl groups and containing polyalkylene oxide groups as a main component.

Copolymers based on unsaturated dicarboxylic acid derivatives

DE-A-19513126 and DE-A-19834173 describe copolymers based on unsaturated dicarboxylic acid derivatives and oxyalkylene glycol alkenyl ethers and their use as additives for hydraulic binders, especially cement.

Similar copolymers with vinyl-functionalized polyethers

DE-A-10017667 describes the use of similar copolymers with vinyl-functionalized polyethers to prepare blue pigment preparations. These copolymers are prepared through free radical polymerization, including vinyl polyalkylene glycol ethers, maleic anhydride, and other monomers, and are suitable for dispersing pigments and organic and inorganic fillers, and for preparing concentrates, pastes, and pigment products.

Addition of superlubricants in the construction industry

The purpose of adding superlubricants in the construction industry is either to increase the plasticity of concrete or to reduce the amount of water required for a mixture of cement slurry, fly ash and aggregates under the same processing conditions.

Preparation of copolymers

WO-99/010407 discloses a process for preparing copolymers of carboxylated (meth)acrylic acid and ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids.

Graft copolymers

EP-A-1 197 536 discloses graft copolymers which can be used as a pigment dispersant. They consist of a hydrophobic main chain to which alkylated (meth)acrylic acid is grafted.

Alkoxylated copolymers

EP-A-0 311 157 discloses alkoxylated copolymers of (meth)acrylic acid, (meth)acrylic acid and styrene derivatives which can be used as dispersants.

Polycarboxylate ethers

Polycarboxylate ethers disperse inorganic pigment particles not only through the creation of electrostatic charge due to the presence of anionic groups in the main chain (carboxylate groups, sulfonate groups), but also due to the presence of side chains of polyalkylene glycol ether, disperse particles with effects They stabilize space. By absorbing water molecules, it forms a stabilizing protective layer around the pigment particle.

The amount of water needed to create a certain consistency

As a result, either the amount of water needed to create a certain consistency can be reduced compared to classical superplasticizers, or by adding polycarboxylate ethers, the plasticity of the wet building material mixture can be reduced to such an extent that the self-compacting concrete can be adjusted to the water ratio. It produced low cement. The use of carboxylate ethers also allows the production of ready-mixed concrete that remains pumpable for relatively long periods or the production of high-strength concretes with low water-cement ratios.

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